week 13

Again rectifying how I completely hate war zone but There is something extremely appealing to me about killer robots. the complexity of the coding, design, and interactions with humans are ideas that baffle and amuse me ingrate manner. The way a killer robot must be designed in order to complete its task without doing any more or less than intended, killing only its targets, and saving its teammates it’s truly fascinating to me. Maybe because I was raised with classic 80s movies but this idea is a thing that can constantly entertain me as a futuristic dystopia. Now encountering this idea coming to live I find myself terrified rather than amused. This is things that should stay on the pages of books or on the screen, never in an actual field. Again I show my impartiality but if you are going to fight a war, I don’t see why you would do so with robots, play a video game if you do not want to put humans in the field.


week 12

I find it ridiculous that Drones are seen as an unfair advantage in a battlefield, sure I understand the reasons why this is debatable, such as not being able to surrender or capturing the subjects, and the comparison to chemical weapons. But regardless of all this si still a war zone, If you don’t want to be killed unfairly then maybe do not get involved on a war, it is not a simple game where you can lose by cheating. Honestly this a very impartial opinion as I am truly against war but regardless of all it is hysterical to me how a drone is seen as a clear disadvantage and they are trying to ban it from the war zone.

week 11

We have all heard of the amount of mistakes done by the government when using Drones to perform target killing. It is no secret that countless amount of weddings, innocents, and even Americans have been killed during target attacks during the last few years. This doesn’t mean that the target killings have not been successful at times, as I am sure we hear more about the failures than successes. This is a tricky subject as the drones can be a blessing or a curse. the disconnect between the war zone and the person controlling the drone might be too great and won’t is able to create the same connection as a soldier in the war zone pulling the trigger. Of course this is all speculation as I am well aware of the effects of PTSD that even those who control the drones are showing signs of.

week 10

we have now moved to an age where wars are fought remotely, where we barely need feet on the ground to fight a war. This is weird, fantastic, and stupid all in one (to me) it is almost as if we are playing Age of Empires in real life. We are growing exponentially with a new set of technologies that allows os to remotely kill, monitor, and spy on enemy forces, creating a sense of security and possibly isolation between us and the battlefield. This is a blessing and a curse as we can possibly create a much destructive force than we anticipated. What I found the most astonishing are the variety of drones used on the field, and what they are cable of. but regardless we are still creating more and more every year with more features and scariest abilities.

week 9

It is unfathomable to me how journalists risk everything for a story. These people are doing what no one else is willing to do, risk their lives by entering the war zone to tell the story of what is truly happening in the war. This is to me to true heroes of war that are often forgotten about, those who do anything possible to tell a story of a place where eyes do not reach. It is only a few times that we hear of those who got captured but I can only imagine how extravagant that numer must be in its entirety. and honestly there is not much to be said other than this people are heroes.

week 8

easily my favorite subject, media war. It is surprisingly impressive to me how easily manipulation of media can change the perspective of a subject of the masses. It is truly scary on how easy people can me controlled by media even when most people don’t trust said media. A perfect example of this was the presidential elections, with fake news, Russian interference, and overall mass hysteria. It seems like the media is completely unstoppable now to a point of no return in the never ending loop of disparate and lies. there is nowhere we can truly trust.

Week 7

I find it a bit funny (in a very loose sense of the word) the idea of banning weapons for not being humane. Do not get me wrong I am 100% up for it but at the same time it is ridicule that in a war zone where the whole objective is to kill your enemy to ensure dominance (because lets face it, that is what war is all about) we find ourself putting parameters over what is the right way or the wrong way to kill the enemy. This is all speaking in my own opinion as most of this rules go way over my head, But overall I can say this is only a logical thing to do as a battlefield doesn’t need to become more groom than it already is, slowly escalating to a complete world destruction (as it basically did during the Cuban missile crisis)