week 13

Again rectifying how I completely hate war zone but There is something extremely appealing to me about killer robots. the complexity of the coding, design, and interactions with humans are ideas that baffle and amuse me ingrate manner. The way a killer robot must be designed in order to complete its task without doing any more or less than intended, killing only its targets, and saving its teammates it’s truly fascinating to me. Maybe because I was raised with classic 80s movies but this idea is a thing that can constantly entertain me as a futuristic dystopia. Now encountering this idea coming to live I find myself terrified rather than amused. This is things that should stay on the pages of books or on the screen, never in an actual field. Again I show my impartiality but if you are going to fight a war, I don’t see why you would do so with robots, play a video game if you do not want to put humans in the field.


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